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About us

MARSTAL company was established in 1997 and is a Polish private company providing comprehensive services in the field of steel, stainless steel and aluminum processing.
Our offer is addressed to industries using the steel materials, and especially to the machine, automotive and offshore industries. Our customers are companies located in Poland and all European countries.

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Laser sheet metal cutting

In our machine park we have 2 precise laser cutters, TruLaser 3030NEW and AMADA LCG3015... Read more


We have an extremely modern TruBend 3120 press brake, which is controlled numerically. Thanks to it, we are able to realize professional and consistent with the project of bending sheet metal design. Read more


In our modern welding plants (separate plants dedicated to carbon steel and non-carbon steel) we make structures of black, stainless steel and aluminum. Read more

Non-destructive testing

We have the necessary knowledge and staff to perform joint testing by the following methods:
- Visual - VT
- Magnetic-powder - MT
- ultrasonic - UT
- penetration - PT

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Shot blasting

The surface shot blasting process is carried out in a 2.5 x 1.5m self-contained rotating chamber manufactured by the renowned OMSG Capri 25/15 manufacturer. It is one of the largest and most efficient machines in Poland.

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Industrial painting

Since 2009, our company has a high quality industrial paint shop equipped with a car washer, hydrodynamic pumps, 6 x 12 x 4 m furnace, full filtering during the preparation, painting and drying process. Read more

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MARSTAL M. Borkowski Company

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